1. According to an article on the HRM Guide website, unattractive people are  not the only ones who face discrimination. “Regardless of who the real person may be, “says the article, “stereotypes associated with piercings and tattoos can and do affect others. In general, individual with tattoos and body piercing are often viewed as “rougher” or “less educated.” Write an essay in which you use examples from your own experience to support or challenge this statement. Be sure that your essay includes at least one reference to Rhode’s essay. Document all reference to Rhode, and include a works-cited page.

2. Do you consider yourself to be risk averse or risk inclined? Write an essay in which you use at least four examples to support your thesis.

3. Using your family and friends as examples, write an essay suggesting some of the positive or negative characteristics of Americans.

4. Write an essay discussing two or three of the greatest challenges facing the United States today. Refer to essays in this chapter, such as “Just Walk On By”, or the essay elsewhere in this book, such as “The Hidden Life of Garbage”, “Homeless”, or “On Dumpster Diving”. Make sure that you document any references to your sources and that you include a works-cited page. 

5.  Write an exemplification essay discussing how cooperation has helped you achieve some important goal. Support you thesis with a single well-developed example. 

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