Discuss the system of checks and balances in the Canadian Political system. I. E. The relationship between the crown, the prime minister, the house of commons, the Senate and the Judiciary. Are these checks an effective way to manage political power In democratic Canada? 2) Thanks to a well-run campaign, The Party du Quobcoos narrowly won the 2014 Quebec provincial elections.
It is now 201 5 and you have been asked by the party to write a referendum question that will satisfactorily address the Party’s vision for Cubeb’s future. How will you word that question and why? What objectives do you anticipate from Federalist forces? In answering these questions, be certain to reflect upon the Issues surrounding previous referendums In Quebec. 4) Canada is a federal rather than a unitary state. What does this mean? How deeply entrenched if Federalism in the Canadian constitutional order?
In your answer, be certain to discuss the division of power between the federal and provincial government (look at section 33, section 1 for question #3) 5) In the Canadian Senate an anachronistic relic of a bygone age? Does It perform any liable functions for the Canadian political system? Should it be reformed? If so, why? If not, why not? 6) Discus the polis CIA of terrorism: as a contestable political category, as a recurrent historical phenomenon, and as a modern policy concern.

What do you make of Miller’s argument: “That the costs of terrorism very often come mostly from the dear and consequent reaction (or overreaction) If characteristically Inspires (qualities stoked by terrorism industry) not from its direct effects which are unusually comparatively limited” In light of your discussion, what strategy would be most effective to reduce “terrorism violence”) 7)In a speech delivered In march 201 2, us president Barack Obama outlined us policy towards Iran. L reserve all options and my policy here Is not going to be one of containment; my policy is prevention of Iran obtaining nuclear weapons and as, I indiscriminately in my speech, when I say all options are on the table I mean it. Does nuclear proliferation represent a fundamental threat of world security? If so, what should be done about?. In answering this question be certain to explore the arguments of both proliferation

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