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Water Molecules

I love to travel and can be found In every home in the United States. I can change into many different shapes and can go almost anywhere If I am given the chance. My story starts in a well in my back yard at my home. I come from an underground aquifer. I can travel through the pipes into my kitchen faucet. I have many uses. I can be hot, warm or even cold. I can be mixed with dish soap in the kitchen sink or ran through a dishwasher to clean the dishes.
I can wash clothes or be used to cook with. I can be mixed with something or drank plain. There are a lot of foods made with me. I am used for many things. People clean with me. Drink me and cook with me. I travel swiftly and In many shapes. I also can rise Into the clouds and evaporate Into a gas. It starts to rain. I fall down to earth. I lay in puddles. The plants soak me up. Rain barrels fill with me in them and the animals drink me. Plants and animals cannot survive without me. I make the plants and grass grow.
After lying on top of the soil for a while, what does not evaporate soaks into the soil. I am now groundwater traveling through the ground. I make my way back Into the underground aquifer and back Into my well. This Is a never ending process. I start my cycle all over again. I am used many times thru out the day. I go through my cycle over and over each day and night. Everyone needs me. Not everyone has easy access to me. Some people have easy access at their homes while others have to buy water or walk for miles to attain enough water to survive.

In many cases water is being wasted. Hydrogen bonding holds water molecules together. At 32 degrees the kinetic energy is so low that the water freezes. When the temperature rises the kinetic energy thaws and we then have liquid water again. When the molecules absorb energy from the sunlight evaporation takes place and this is called water vapor which is the gas state. References: Wright, r. , & bores, d. (2014). Water: Hydrological Cycle and Human use. Environmental Action.

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