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The understanding of the policies and procedures is that by working with hillier and young people , is that the welfare of the child is paramount , and it is the responsibility of all adults to safeguard and to promote the welfare of children and young people . Adults that work with children are responsible for their own actions , and behavior . Adults should work and be seen to work in an open and transparent way .
They should have the same professional standards regarding culture, disability , race, gender, language , religious belief and or sexual identity. Understand how to respond to evidence or concerns that a child or young person has been abused or harmed. The possible signs and symptoms , indicators and behaviors that may concern are as follows: 1: Physical Abuse , they may have unexplained marks on their body, they may hide them so no one can see.
They may make excuses for the individual that is there abuser , There could be possible signs of sexual abuse, egg by having bruising in certain areas , like around the wrists in the groin area. 2: Mental and Emotional abuse , these is where the young hill/ person may look withdrawn, may not like to deal with people and may not feel comfortable around certain people which could indicate that one of these people could be their abuser. : Isolation is another form of abuse where the individual is isolated from others, and is made to feel that they are being punished.

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