Stella Artois was a beer brand who in 2006 received a reputation to being known as “a wife beater brand” due to domestic violence cases involving the brand. To turn this perception around the company begin emphasizing the history and values of the Artois brewery. To help with communication they created an online experience for the consumer, with short films, interactive film and gaming as well as 3D gaming. This allows the visitors to be introduced to the origins and heritage of Stella Artois and help erase the negative associations. What are the communication benefits of building a “brand narrative” in the way Stella Artois has? Do you think this is the best way to improve dialogue with the target audience?
There are many communication benefits of building a ‘brand narrative’ in the way Stella Artois has. In this day and age consumers have become more engaged and are much more in control of receiving and interpreting brand messages. As a result companies must be able to grow and adapt to their target audience, and Stella Artois decided to do just that. Individual Brand Congruity
When Stella Artois decided to reimage their brand to get out of the negative perception of being the beer of ‘wife beaters’ they decided to go back to the basics. They decide to “distance the brand from its ‘lager lout’ image and shifting people’s perceptions of premium quality.” (Smith, 2010) The company decide to go back to its roots, by branding the origin of the Artois brewery which was established in 1366. They also used a feminine aspect to branch away from the rough masculine wife beater persona with the Artois-branded ‘feminine’ stemmed chalice glasses. Individual brand congruity is when “essence and core value of the brand resonate with the memories and emotional connections of the audience” (Smith, 2010) and with the brand narrative of the Artois Heritage the company established just that.

To effective communicate to consumers, how the message is carried is really important. “Mediascape is the array of channels available which will carry the message” (Smith, 2010) Stella Artois utilized online resources by putting their site as the Centre of marketing communication. They created an online experience including a short film movie name La Bouteille to a 3D interactive experience Le Défi where “players challenge their friends to rescue a fresh-poured goblet of Stella Artois by engaging in a number of complex puzzles.” (Smith, 2010) Their method of communication gave them a global audience and engage their target audience with the impact of technology. Improve Dialogue
I believe that Stella Artois utilized the best way that they can to improve the dialogue with their target audience. One way that they used was with going back to their roots showing the heritage of the brewery. Artois relaunch of its products under the ‘la famille Artois’ helped enhance and promote the quality of the product. And with the feminine touch twist with the chalice glasses and the classy point-of-sale materials it promotes a premium product and discourages the audience of heavy drinkers and young males. Another tool used that was the best way to improve the dialogue was with their website promotions.
With the constant change of technology consumers have access to multiple lines of products available as well as information anytime and anywhere. And using the technology reflecting the brewery gets the consumers engaged and allows them to interact with the company. For Stella Artois to launch a global, through the line campaign driving traffic to an international website I believe was the best way to improve the dialogue and find more of their target audience.

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