Step 1. You need to get the data from this Word file into SPSS. You can either use cut n paste, OR type in the data (carefully). Hint: you may need to turn the IV into a numerical (categorical) variable.
Step 2. You need to run assumption testing and briefly report what you find. More details of what to test and report are given below. If one or more assumptions are violated, we still want you to run and report the ANOVA and (if appropriate) any post-hoc tests.
Step 3. Run the appropriate ANOVA using the General Linear Model sub-menu within the Analyze menu.
Step 4. Report the results of the main ANOVA (whether significant or non-significant) using APA style. Please report the partial eta squared effect size value (for the omnibus ANOVA) and indicate whether it is small, medium or large.
Step 5. If appropriate run and report post-hoc tests (not planned comparisons) so the Reader knows which pairs of conditions differ (or do not differ) significantly from each other. For this assessment we want you to use Tukey tests and report the p value for each pair of tests. You do not need to calculate, nor report effect sizes for these

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