There are 4 questions. In a Word Document present each question with your response. 

Use at least a 12 point font.
Double Spaced is expected.

Use APA format for references.

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In a reference list at the end of the paper 

Question 1 Pick ONE (a or b) of the compare/contrast questions and answer in 1-2 detailed paragraphs with supporting answers and citations. a.  Compare and contrast the definitions of applied social psychology and social psychology. b.  Compare and contrast the field of applied social psychology and the field of sociology. Question 2 a.  Identify and evaluate two social psychological theories from the list of social psychologytheories posted on this website:

Select two theories of interest to you.
Explain your choices.

b.  Based on the descriptions and any additional research, which theory between the two you selected appears to be more understandable, empirically-supported, and applicable to real social problems?  

Explain your choice

Question 3 The applicability of applied social psychology extends beyond social problems as it also addresses practical problems.
a.  Using the workplace setting, identify and describe one workplace practical problem that an applied social psychologist might address.
b.  Name and describe the five scientific goals of scientific understanding (Description, Prediction, Determining Causality, Explanation, and Control) related to your selected workplace problem above. 

Provide a corresponding research question aimed at addressing each goal.
For example, if your topic is employee burnout , for the scientific goal #1 of Description, a descriptive corresponding question might be “What are the key features of employee burnout?” 

Question 4 Be the consultant.
Watch the video clip in Required Resources of Your Body Language May Shape Who You Are presented by Amy Cuddy. 

Imagine you work as a consultant for Berkeley College Career Services.  Given what you learned from watching the video, how would you create an intervention to help Berkeley College students prepare for their job interviews?
How will you know if it was effective?


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