My Best Friend Everyone has memorable experiences. It could be happiness, sadness, or tragedy. Of course I have memorable experiences. It must be the one who was involved in those cases. She is my best friend, Febri Afifah. I really admire her because she is very humble and helpful. I have many experiences with her. Because of that, I really know about her kindness and badness. In this essay, I will talk about her who was involved in one of my memorable experiences. Our relationship is always good.
It might be because she is very patient with me, although I often made her disappointed. I have known her since I was a child. My house is close to hers, she is my neighbor. Her childhood was not as lucky as me, but she never gave up and she always looks happy. Unfortunately, she never went to kindergarten. At that time, her family did not have enough money to pay school fee. They spend their money to treat her mother. Her mother got an accident that made her legs could not run normally.
When I went to elementary school, she went to elementary school too. But we studied at the different school. Returning from school I played with her at my house, sometimes we studied together. We grew up together and we always have unforgettable experiences day by day. I remember, at that time we went to her new house. The traffic was jammed and we had to crossing the road. When we were crossing the road, I accidentally stepped on her sandals and then her sandals runaway from her feet.

When we reached the other side of the road, she returned to the middle of the road to pick up her sandals. That moment made some cars honked, she was really surprised and I just could laugh to see her. I have many funny moments with her. She always makes me laugh when I need to laugh. If I cry because of some problems, she will be beside me and tells some jokes. It has always been a weapon to restore my mood. She is funny, cheerful, and always looks happy. It can make people very comfortable. I’m lucky person because i know her.

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