You are required to implement a hybrid P2P chatting application using TCP socket programming. You are allowed to use the following three programming languages: C/C++, Java (Java 8), and Python(3). You code should not be dependent on any development environment. That is, it should be compliable using command prompt (or shell) on Ubuntu (Bash) or MacOS. 
Project Description 
Phase 1 
You are required to build a TCP socket based hybrid P2P chatting application. At the beginning, a server with known IP (use a loopback address/DNS such as localhost) and port number (a fixed one). Then, you will be required to start 5 other clients. For each client, once it is connected to the server, they exchange a greeting message between a newly connected client and the server as well as existing clients. The exact message is “Client $ID: initiated.” Where $ID is the ID of the client. The ID of the client is given when starting the client. That is, you can start a client process by typing
./client.out $ID $PORTNUMBER
Where $ID is the ID of the client and $PORTNUMBER is the port number of the client. As mentioned above, the ID and the Port Number of the server can be hard-coded on the client side. Therefore, you can simply start the server by typing
Now, once you start a server process and 5 client processes, and make them connected, you should be able to use either the server or one of the client to exchange messages among them. That is, a user should be able to type messages on one of them using the terminal, and that message should be broadcasted among them.
Finally, type a message “Exit” on the server. Then, the server should be terminated after a sending a message “Server: terminated.” to all of the clients. This message should be displayed on the screen of each client.
In order to receive 8 points, after the server is terminated, all clients should be able to exchange with each other.
Phase 2 
After the phase 2, you are required to restart the server. Then, each client should restore the connection between them and exchange the follow message between the server and each client (no broadcasting).
That is, “Server: initiated” should be sent to the client first, and this should be displayed on the screen of the client. Then, “Client $ID: reconnected” should be sent to the server, and this should be displayed on the screen of the server. 

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