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doing recomnationd and assismnet for company perfromanceAssessment: Your assessment of the company’s PM approach is to be determined in relation to the PM practices and Coaching Practices presented in our texts and class discussions. In other words – as a team, assess the PM practices of the company you have selected in relation to the approach and practices revealed in our class studies.
Recommendation: Finally provide your team recommendations for changes that you believe will have the greatest impact in producing increased or improved individual and organizational performance for the company, and why you believe so. Be as realistic and practical as you can in your recommendations. Ask yourselves, are our recommendations appropriate and realistic for this business situation?
Your assessment may indicate that certain areas or perhaps the entire approach being used by the company is flawed or ineffective. Be wiling and able to state your reasons why you may make that determination. On the other hand you may very well find excellent highly effective PM practices that produce strong performance for the business. Be willing to identify such practices and indicate why those practices are so effective and how they relate to what you have learned in our course work.
This project will require decisions on your part as a team as to what practices and approaches may be most effective in producing desired levels of performance. There is not a right or wrong answer, but your determinations must be supported by valid rationale. Why do you believe the approach you suggest is the best approach? What evidence do you have that such an approach makes good business sense? What examples can you cite where such practices have produced positive results for other businesses? What research data to you have to support your ideas on the most effective PM practices?
Once your research of the company is completed, draw appropriate conclusions and recommendations. Prepare a written summary report as well as a PowerPoint presentation. Prepare as a team to present your report to the Graduate Team on the designated presentation date. 

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