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Human Services

This is a Management analysis paper. I have a part 4 & 5 all questions must be answer. This paper must be written at graduate level. ( Part 4) Managers employed by human services organizations aspire to increase worker productivity, employee morale, and job satisfaction. Is the American Red Cross increasing worker productivity, employee morale, and/or job satisfaction? Part 4 should be at least 4 pages long! These are two different parts so titles should be labeled as part 4 and 5, also with questions in bold print. 

(Part 5 question is) Propose and extensively review three recommendations that the senior management team of the American Red Cross could implement to improve the efficiency and/or effectiveness of the organization’s personnel department. These three recommendations must include one structural recommendation, one strategic recommendation, and one tactical recommendation. This part is only 2 pages long!! So this means the whole paper should be six pages long.

Each part must be written in APA format, Times New Roman, 12-point font, and double-spaced, and references page. Each part must discuss and integrate the Saint Leo University core value of Excellence and CSHSE standards and ethics (CSHSE) of Four, and Five of your Management Analysis Paper. Everything must be answered and this paper must be done correctly.

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