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How to Plan and Provide Environments

Support Children And Young People’s Health And Safety 1. 1 The Factors To Take Into Account When Planning Healthy And Safe Indoor And Outdoor Environments And Services There are a number of factors that must be taken into account when planning for health and safety. *The individual needs of the child – These must be considered along with the age and ability so when planning for the children make sure the resources used are age and stage appropriate and they carry the safety marks. There must be specialist equipment for children with specific needs Specific risks – For a child who has a hearing impairment you would need to provide visual aids for them or sign language so they are aware of the health and safety for example if the child was running indoors you could show them a visual aid of a picture where it’s made clear that you walk not run. Placing pictures of hands being washed near the toilets also teaches them to wash their hands when they have been to the toilet. Make sure you are always within sight of the child whist also allowing them to enjoy their environment. Parent and carers – You need to take into account the needs of parents and carers so give them information on health and safety or if they can’t read, hold meetings. For those where English is not their first language give out information written in their home language. *Function and purpose of the environment – When planning an activity make sure it’s the right environment for the activity. If you were using bikes and scooters you would ensure they were used in the correctly and with plenty of space so in my setting we would not use them indoors as there is not enough space, they would only be used outside.
When using the environment its important the children have the space that is required for the planned activity. When using outdoor environments make sure the plants and garden furniture do not pose a threat. Also make sure there is no dog or cat mess in the garden and that rubbish is removed on a daily basis. A varied environment supports children learning and development, it gives them confidence to explore and learn in safe and secure yet challenging indoor or outdoor space. Duty of care – The children’s health and welfare is always paramount when doing any planning and we have a legal obligation to ensure they are safe at all times. Risk assessments should be carried out for all activities and regular checks should be carried out around the setting daily. The toilet area should also be checked to make sure it is clean and has toilet paper and soap available for the children to wash their hands. Support Children And Young People’s Health And Safety 1. 1 The Factors To Take Into Account When Planning Healthy And Safe Indoor And Outdoor Environments And Services Outcomes for children and young people – It is important that the activities we provide have clear aims and objectives and that whilst the children and young people enjoy the activity they also feel safe and secure and that no unnecessary risks have been taken. *Lines of responsibility and accountability – Everyone working in a setting should be aware of the health and safety policies and that they have a responsibility for the safety of the children and staff. Risk assessment must be carried out and the risks assessed and introduce measures to manage the risks.
Any equipment must be removed if it’s broken or has sharp edges. All staff must take reasonable care for the health and safety of themselves and others when undertaking their work, they should check all areas are safe, check equipment and ensure safe working procedures are followed. *Comfort of the children – Make sure you have enough space for the children to carry out activities safely. The temperature of the setting needs to be comfortable and sufficient lighting and air, there must always be fresh drinking water.

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