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How I Think and Learn

Throughout my college years I have found what my best ways of thinking and learning are. I have tried many different methods to make sure I get the best out of learning. Now that I know what helps me concentrate I stick to that method when studying. Thinking is a complex part of me that I have difficulties in, especially when I have to make a decision. Thinking and learning are a process that has no ending, and frequently can be modified to ones potential. To learn what I am being taught, I have to rewrite and review my notes.
I have difficult time memorizing my notes, so the more I review them the easier it is for me to remember the content. Also, to learn in class I have to sit in the front of class to focus on what is being taught. When it comes to study time, I like to be alone to be able to think and process what I am learning. I don’t like to have distractions at this time so, this helps me concentrate and forget about any other issues I may have. I believe that I need to improve my persona so that I can become a successful and great nurse one day. I want to improve my technical skill, according to Alfaro, this it to focus on more important things.
Sometimes I dedicate more time to socializing with friends and I don’t dedicate enough assignments, which is more important. In the past, while I was taking a science course, I would spend more time going out with my friends rather than studying for upcoming quizzes or exams. I know that if I focus more on important things I will be a better student that will lead to a great nursing career. Another, skill I want to improve on is my interpersonal skill. I have a difficulty communicating with others, especially if they are older people than me.

I have difficulty expressing myself to others and giving any feedback. I would like to improve this skill because I want to prepare myself to working with a large number of people, like at a hospital. I know that being part of a health care team means that working as a team is important. I will work on this skill by socializing more with my fellow co workers and other people when the time is appropriate. The last skill I think is important for me to improve is my intellectual skill as well. I think that my confidence in decision making is not very high.
I usually don’t go with my gut feeling. For instance, when I take a test and I’m unsure about an answer, if I have an intuition about an answer I always doubt myself and end up choosing the wrong answer. I think this skill will help me as a nurse in the future because the life of patients will rely on me, and I have to make the best decision to keep them healthy. I plan to work on this skill by trusting myself and working on myself esteem. Throughout the years that I have dedicated in college to better my education and prepare for a better future I have learned many new things about myself.
I’ve found out what my styles in learning are, and what helps me learn and stay focus. I have been able to critically think about different situations that will impact my life and have been able to make wise decisions about my life. I am happy that there is great opportunity for improvement in myself. I am looking forward into putting to use what I have learned and happy that I’ve been thought the difference between a thinker and a critical thinker. Alfaro-Lefevre, R. (2009). Critical thinking and clinical judgement (4th ed). Philadelphia: WB Saunders

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