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History of Lauropian Society

Secluded in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, is a place called Lauropia, a wonderful society. It is always peaceful and nothing bad ever happens on the island. The island’s air is always fresh and free of any toxins or pollution. Temperature on the South side of Lauropia is always warm with no humidity present. On the North side of Lauropia the weather is always perfect for winter activities, the temperature is just cold enough for the snow to fall. The North side of the island is full of steep, snow-covered mountains that are perfect for skiing.
On the South side of the Lauropia clean, sandy beaches cover the land. The ocean water is crystal clear and warm. Lauropia is the perfect place to live. On the island every person would be treated as an equal. No one person would think or act like they were better than someone else. There would be no racism present, all types of people would reside here and get along together. It wouldn’t matter if you were African American, Caucasian, Asian, Spanish, Mexican or any other race each and every individual would treat each other the same. Whether a person was heterosexual, homosexual, or bisexual wouldn’t matter.
Lauropians wouldn’t judge each other by their appearance or whom they interacted with. There would be a diverse amount of different religions that would not criticize the other religions for their beliefs. Once a month all the different religions would get together at the island community building and congregate together to discuss their viewpoints and thoughts on each faith. The Lauropians would be involved in a wide variety of sports and leisure activities all year long. This would be made possible because of the extreme temperature differences on the North and South sides of the mountain.

The North side would always be cold so the citizen could go skiing and snowboarding at the Lauropian Mountain Resort. The resort would offer a wide variety of different leveled slopes for the skiers on one half of the mountain. On the other half of the mountain there would be a Snowboard Park consisting of a slopes and half pipes strictly for the snowboarders. A snow tubing park would also be available for any whom has interest in snow tubing. There would family tubes and single tubes available for use. For all the snow mobilers on Lauropia, The Lauropian Mobile Park will be open for their riding enjoyment.
All these activities and more on North Lauropia will have minimal charges to take advantage of the facilities. On the warm and sunny South Lauropia, the beaches will be clean and free of charge for all citizens. The beaches would have volleyball courts open to anyone. At the piers there would be docks where people could rent Jet Ski’s, Speed Boats, Yachts, and Party Boats for their recreational pleasure. Sidewalks and paths would be on hand for Lauropians to roller blade, skateboard, ride bikes, and run, jog, or walk. Boating trips would also be available that take groups out in the middle of the ocean to scuba dive and snorkel.
Throughout the whole island shopping centers, eateries, and sports complexes of all types will be accessible. Any store imaginable would exist for the Lauropians to shop for their wants and needs. The women would be in shopping heaven with the amount and variety of stores available to them. The amounts of places to eat would be incredible. They would range from places like Burger King and McDonalds, to Chi Chi’s and Lone Star, to five star restaurants. Any type of food that a person had a craving for would be accessible. Sports Complexes would be placed all over the island for Lauropians to participate in any athletic event that they enjoyed.
There would be football, baseball, field hockey, softball, soccer, and lacrosse fields. Indoor and outdoor courts for tennis players would be accessible. If there were any sports that a person or group of people would want to play and the facilities were not available the Lauropian Sports Board would do their best to make them available. The Lauropian Society would always try to make the island enjoyable for each person. Schooling would be one of the most important aspects of life on the island. It will be required for all citizens to start their education at elementary school level and continue up to collegiate level.
It would not be required, but if the parents wanted to start sending their children to nursery or preschool the facilities would be open for use free of charge. All schooling on the island would be free of charge because education is of great importance to the people of Lauropia. The schools would administer the best education possible. There would be a large variety colleges available for students to choose from depending on their individual or dual major. If a person decided that they did not want to finish their schooling, being banished from the island would punish them.
When and if the person decides they want to come back to island to finish their education the school board will have a meeting and decide if that certain person deserves to be let back on the island. On most occasions the student will be allowed to come back. Once a person graduates from college and gets a job, if they decide they want to go back to college to further their education, the company that they work for will usually give them funding for it. Students will be required to go to school for nine months out of the year.
Altogether students would be required to attend seventeen years of schooling. In order to insure that the students would be getting an excellent education the teachers would have to take a Teaching Exam every five years. If the teachers fail to complete the requirements and the written section of the test they will not be permitted to teach for one year. After the period of time is up the teacher may retake the test and if he or she passes it, they will then be allowed to teach again. Teachers would also be required to go back to college annually and take two courses to broaden their knowledge.
All measures would be taken that would be necessary to maintain the finest quality of education for Lauropians. The citizens of Lauropia would be able to make up their own laws and rules. Each year the members the government would sit down and revise the laws from the years before if necessary. Each community on Lauropia would have representatives that would go around and take ideas and thoughts on how the island could be changed and run to make it better place to live. Laws would never be passed if a large number of people on the island disagreed with them. The main concern that the government would have is the Lauropians happiness.

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