As technology is moving forward, so is business communication. In the old days, letters to customers or clients were hand-written, face-to-face meetings were held and telephone conversations took place. Business communication in today’s society is very different. The influence that technology has on business communication is unquestionable.
This paper will explain business communication, business communication roles in day to day work activities, business communication trends in the workplace, and message types that results from business communications.Business communication is communication used to create partnerships and to encourage ideas, services, and organization within a business. Forms of business communication include social-networking tools, e-mails, telepresence, personal digital assistants (PDAs), wikis and portable media players. These communication methods are used to communicate with customers, clients, and associates. Electronic tools are modernizing business communication. Devices and software programs are entering the business market to assist companies in being productive and keeping a competitive edge.Conversely, some companies think that using electronic communication devices requires money, training, and time.
“Acquiring new technology and helping workers master it entails an enormous capital investment,” Locker & Kienzler (2008). With new technology, many businesses have to train associates how to use the devices and software programs. Training associates may be time-consuming and require capital invested upfront because the business must purchase or lease the device and ensure that all associates have been properly trained.If the associates are not properly trained, productivity will be delayed, customer satisfaction will decrease, and the devices or software may be damaged. Business communications play an important role in a company’s day-to-day activities such as responding to customer inquiries, corresponding to internal and external messages, and checking e-mails. Businesses are providing data to customers by educating them about the company’s websites. Research is required for customer inquiries that cannot be answered on the company website.

Social-networking tools have become a highly favored method of communication between associates, compared to using e-mails. E-mails are mainly used to communicate with clients, customers, and keeping associates informed about work-related issues. An information overload may happen as a result of overusing e-mail. “Perhaps the biggest problem for many employees is the amount of e-mail. IDC, a research consulting firm, estimates 84 billion e-mails are sent daily,”Locker & Kienzler (2008).Telepresence also plays an important role in business communication. The advanced video conference meetings bring people from different cities, states, and nations to one location minus the traveling.
Some business communication trends in the workplace are technology, teamwork, and diversity. Business communication trends set the pace for a successful and productive business. Technology is continually advancing. With the advancement in technology communication is becoming easier and easier.Businesses can communicate with other companies with the click of a button or the turn of a switch. “Teamwork brings together people’s varying strengths and talents to solve problems and make decisions,” Locker & Kienzler (2008). People of color, immigrants, and women always have played a role in business communications.
Diversity creates differences that work. In business communication, messages are transmitted in different ways including print (publications), Internet, television, radio, and word of mouth. Messages should be clear, complete, and correct.Clear messages are easily read, the receiver does not have to guess what the message is about. By making sure the message is detailed, all the receivers’ questions are answered. All the information in the message needs to be accurate. “The style, organization, and visual or aural impact of the message help the receiver read, understand, and act on the information as quickly as possible,” Locker & Kienzler (2008).
Communication trends are important to companies because companies are always looking for ways to communicate effectively with their customers.Improved communication means increased productivity and sales. An effective communication system will play an important role in employee/client relationships; management/employee relationship; and the overall role of the company. Effective business communication is not possible without an effective business communication system.Reference Locker, K. O. , & Kienzler, D.
S. (2008). Business and Administrative Communication (8th ed. ). Boston: McGraw-Hill.

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