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Eradicating Social Ills

ASSIGNMENT 2 FIK 3042 ENGLISH FOR COMMUNICATION 2 ERADICATING SOCIAL ILLS AMONGST TEENAGERS GROUP: EL-AO4 Prepared by NAME| ID NUMBER| TELEPHONE NUMBER| Kasthuri Bai A/P Thangarajah| D20111049818| 013-9801264| Lecturer : Dr. Lajiman bin Janoory Dateline :6th November 2011 ERADICATING SOCIAL ILLS AMONGST TEENAGERS. Nowadays, the social ills amongst teenagers are so rampant that they are posing a great problem in the society . Before we go further , let us see what are actually these social ills among the teenagers.
There are many types of social ills that are affecting our teenagers at an alarming rate. Some of them are addiction to drugs , smoking,gangsterism,vandalism,bullying,illegal racing and many more. Everyday we hear and see the effects of these social ills in the form of suicide,accidents,rapes,snatch thieves and brutal crimes. The effects of these social ills amongst teenagers are affecting the nation badly and causing great setbacks in the country. The spreading of social ills have to be stopped immediately to save our youngsters who are the future generation.
How are we going to eradicate these social ills if we do not know the root causes of these problems Therefore,before we find ways to eradicate the social ills amongst our teenagers, let us also dwell in the root causes of why the youngsters of nowadays fall an easy prey to the negative elements awaiting them. These causes can be categorized into several factors,mainly due to family crisis and external factors such as the influence of friends and environment.

Living in this materialistic world can be very challenging to even adults,so what more to say for a teenager who is still struggling between adulthood and childhood. The need for good guidance ,counceling and parental love is essential to these youngsters. Whom should they turn to if the circumstances arise? Can they turn to their parents? Yes, under normal circumstances ,parents should be the child’s number one counsellor but,is this the case in most child’s life? In fact the parents are the last to know about their child’s problem,which is a pity!
This is because nowadays,mostly both parents are working and are too busy chasing their own goals, that they fail to see what their children are undergoing. Usually these parents leave their children to fend for themselves or in the care of a babysitter who most of the time doesn’t put her heart into the responsibility given . The outcome is , the child feels neglected and deprived of parental love. Another reason is when a child comes from a broken family,the frustration and anger is taken upon the poor child.
As a result a child grows up to be insecure and lacking in direction. Hence falling an easy prey to the awaiting threats outside. Children are also stressed when parents are not understanding and pressure them to study something which is not of their interest . Parents who subject their own desires and ambitions on their children can cause a lot of unnecessary pressure on them. Peer pressure and the need to proof oneself in order to be accepted is also another factor why the teenagers so easily succumb to the social ills around them.
Constant innovation and development also provide boundless network which promotes extreme socialisation among our teenagers. Hence the exposure to all the unwanted elements in the society! Teenagers who do not know how to cope with stress, resort to these unwelcome means of escapism. We have seen some of the main reasons of why the social ills are spreading like an epidemic amongst our teenagers. What can we do to help them or to curb these social ills? There are a few very important things that can be done to nip the bud from the beginning itself.
Firstly,the role of a family is very important . Parents who are responsible,who allocate enough quality time with their children can be a source of confidence for their children. Children will be able to rely on their parents for any advice and grow up to be a confident and secured person. These children often will not fall prey to the social ills as they are able to differentiate between good and bad and have no need for any form of escapism as they get enough love from their parents. Parents also must make sure that their children do ot lack of religious knowledge. As we know, all religion wants its followers to be a good human and abide by the rules. So if a child is given enough religious education and is taught to respect the humankind then,the chances of him or her resorting to violence is slim. Too much freedom and too much money given to teenagers will only mean trouble. Therefore parents should act wisely and explain to their youngsters why sometimes they cannot have whatever they want and why they must always obtain their parents’ permission before going out.
Parents should always be aware of their child’s whereabouts but at the same time should not also be too strict and practice veto power at home. They should be able to compromise,understand and respect their child’s feelings too. Maintaining a healthy relationship with children is an important measure in reducing these social ills amongst teenagers. Otherwise most teenagers will choose to rebel against their parents and try to prove to everyone that they are in control of their lives Besides the role of family ,the role of teachers and counsellors in schools is also very important in preventing social ills amongst teenagers.
A teacher must always be sensitive to a child’s problem . A teacher must be able to gain a child’s trust in order for the child to confide in her or him. A teacher must make it her responsibility to solve a child’s problem and not be someone who simply wants to teach but is not much bothered about the child’s affair. Teachers can help a lot to curb these social ills if they play their role kindly and caringly. They should notice things and try to help the youngsters by sending them to a counsellor or by counselling them themselves.
While teaching in class , a teacher must always stress on the moral values and teach their students to avoid falling prey to bad influences. The education department and the mass media must always remind these teenagers to avoid doing all these illegal activities and the repercussions should anything unpleasant happen. The enforcement agencies can be invited to give talks and show slides of what is happening and how bad it can turn into,to create awareness amongst teenagers. A lot of opportunities must be created to allow teenagers to involve hemselves in activities such as outdoor games,indoor games,dancing and drawing classes,photography clubs and some social services that will divert the attention of these teenagers . The teenagers will not only be occupied but will also benefit from these extra activities. This healthy activities can be organised by the residential commitees or by the “ketua kampung”. Healthy competition with lucrative prizes can be held to attract these teenagers. The State government and the district office can help with these measures.
Money used to cure the victims of the social ills in the form of rehabilitation centres and their medication can be put into a more healthy usage such as the above mentioned activities. After all one must agree that “Prevention is better than Cure”As a conclusion , everybody has to play an important role in eradicating social ills amongst teenagers . Eventhough these problems seem difficult to solve but as an Ethopian proverb says, “When the spider webs unite,you can tie up a lion. ” (Infinity Web Development, LLC, 2002-2011) (OPpapers, 2011)

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