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Discussion reply.

  Provide a 50-75 word discussion reply to the following post below.  

 In the technical world that we live in today the advances and addition of different social media platforms has changed the way we live.  Just 20 years ago, we picked up the phone and talked to each other, while deployed we wrote letters home, and out cameras still required film that needed to be developed. Now we just point and click with our phones and within second, they pictures can be filtered and edited, then posted or texted for everyone to see. 
            I use multiple different social media platforms daily for personal and professional purposes.  I use Facebook and Twitter, mainly to keep up with family in other countries, and to see picture that my daughters are posting of my grandkids.  I also use LinkedIn for professional purposes, the ability to converse with others on a more professional site is great for separating personal and professional relationships.  Instagram is another medium that I have for looking at picture of my grandkids and with it being a content community I utilize it to communicate with Jeep owners through multiple Jeep sites I follow.  Unfortunately, with all the benefits of social media and everything that it allows us to do, social media has also contributed to less contact with others, meaning more people will send a message than pick up the phone.  I would say that it is also contributing to the divide between people, socially, politically, and personally.
            With more than 2.62 billion people worldwide on social media (Statista) many companies are launching pages for their companies, for example the U.S Navy uses Facebook on many different fronts.  The Naval Educational and Training Center have a page, and almost every Command has their own page.  The pages are used to pass information pertaining to the page and to answer questions and allow for communication.  The Command pages allow families to receive updates on what the Commands are doing while deployed.  With more that 1.86 billion people on Facebook, they are the currently the market leader in this area (Zephoria).  In our reading assignments for this week it was stated that 40% of online identities are fake, I thought that was crazy however Facebook report that they have more than 83 million fake profiles.  The second quarter of 2016 showed that users in the U.S spent 215 minutes weekly on social media via smart phones, 61 minutes weekly on PCs, and 47 minutes weekly via tablet devices (Statista). 
            Looking at the Honeycomb model I would say all aspects are used, however some are more secure than others.  The positives are Sharing, Conversation, and presence, we can communicate with others around the world and share pictures and videos with family and friends.  With the use of things like Facebook video, we can feel like we are present for events that we may not be able to attend.  The biggest negative I see is identity, we don’t know for sure if a profile is real or a fake.   

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