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Discussion of Telecommunication

Find someone age 45 or older (a relative, family friend, etc.) and interview them about how they listened to music or watched television as a teenager.  Ask about how often, where, with whom, and how?  For example, did they mostly listen to vinyl records with friends in a bedroom? A clock radio by the bed?  A boombox at the beach?  A Walkman portable cassette deck on the bus? TV at night with the family in the living room or den?  A videotape player in the bedroom?  Did they buy their own records, cassettes or videotapes?  Did most listening take place alone or with others?
Compare their experience with your own when you were in high school.  What was your first personal media player?  mp3 player? smartphone? portable DVD player?  How often do you listen with headphones/ear buds?  How often do you and your friends listen/watch to different content while you are together (each person listening/watching their own device)?
Write 200-400 words summarizing what you have learned and discussing what aspects are most interesting to you and why.  Incorporate a discussion of Neil Postman’s first idea into your answer.  In other words, based on how music/television consumption has changed over the last 50 years, what do you think has been gained and lost?

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