promotion and promotion decisions

For this assignment, you will be discussing promotion and promotion decisions. ·       The first step of this assignment is to locate an advertising campaign that had misleading or falsified information. Some examples include: o   Volkswagen’s diesel cars o   Activia Yogurt o   Red Bull o   Kellogg’s Rice Krispies o   New Balance ·       Once you had identified an […]

global marketplace.

For this assignment, you will be discussing the global marketplace. ·       Start by identifying an international company. What do they do? How many countries are they in? What are their mission and vision? What are their international goals and objectives?  This can be any company that operates in two or more countries throughout the world. […]

E-MARKETING Research Paper

1. Select an organization (corporate or nonprofit) with which you are somewhat familiar that uses both online and offline channels. Discuss two or three specific examples of how it is taking advantage of digital marketing, especially the mobile web. 2. Choose a website or a mobile site that you are familiar with. Describe the brand-building […]


Module 2 – SLPHRM AND MARKETING ICSC is “tweeting” RECon. Account holders on the social-networking service called Twitter will be able to receive updates (tweets, in Twitter parlance) about sessions, events, networking opportunities and new initiatives at RECon by signing up to follow ICSC_RECon. While on the ICSC_RECon page, participants can follow other Twitter-using RECon […]


Module 2 – Case HRM AND MARKETING Assignment Overview A marketing plan is a formal business document that is used as a blueprint or guide for how a company will achieve its marketing goals. A marketing plan differs from a business plan in that it focuses more on market research, attracting customers, and marketing strategies, whereas the […]

Fundamentals of Marketing

Fundamentals of Marketing Module 5 Discussion Fundamentals of Marketing Lets do a little research 1. Name and describe the major steps in the new product development process. 2. Explain why it is important for companies to continue to focus on new product development, even during a recession.    Discussion Requirements: Please ensure that the discussion […]