future of private military companies

Write an essay on the future of private military companies (PMCs). Ensure you cover the following points: Are PMCs cost-effective alternatives to governmental security forces? Why or why not? What valid roles do PMCs play in hazardous regions of the world? Over the long-term, is it ethically sound to entrust a large measure of our […]

creative and media placement

Aim: Critiquing advertising (creative and media placement) for effectiveness ‐ Read “Secrets of the Most Effective Ad Campaigns”: Greenwald, Forbes, July 2014 https://www.forbes.com/sites/michellegreenwald/2014/07/10/secrets-of-7-of-the-most-effective-ad-campaigns/?sh=51b7a846320c ‐ Identify the most effective ad campaign you can think of. It may use TV, Internet, social media, print, outdoor, radio, or all as the medium. 1. State what you think the […]

Measuring Risk

Organizations must be able to manage risk, but in order to do so, companies must be able to measure it. The terminology used to measure risks include risk, tolerance, and sensitivity as well as assessment, measure, and perceptions. Using the databases of the CSU Online Library as resources, prepare an essay of at least two […]


For your first assignment, you will do an industry analysis of an organization, Uber, based on the materials covered in Modules 1-3. You can locate details of companies like Uber at Yahoo! Finance (Links to an external site.). Brief Introduction & Key Issues 1. Provide a 1 page summary of the company 1A. Provide a brief […]

Healthcare Marketing

How will accomplishing these objectives support your success in management? What risks or challenges might a health care manager encounter if he or she has not mastered these objectives? Explain your answer.  Course Objectives:  Analyze and differentiate the options offered by multiple marketing research firms to ascertain the best method for gathering customer perceptions about […]

Company Analysis and Evaluation Assignment Instructions

In this project, you will select an organization, or a segment of an organization, and interview key employees in order to gather information concerning the organization’s critical success factors (CSFs). Be sure to inform your interviewees that any proprietary information included in this project will be kept confidential. You will then develop a SWOT analysis […]

Project Report

Project Report Step-by-step instructions Step 1: Identify a Failed Collaboration with Significant Issues/Stakes Identify a specific case of collaboration failure for an in-depth analysis. The case may be from published materials (e.g., books, magazines, and newspapers) or from the company that you have worked for. This case should involve significant issues and important stakes for the company involved. […]

Ocean’s 8 movie

Watch the Ocean’s 8 movie and define 1) Human capital and how it is used in the movie 2) Social capital and how it is used in the movie 3) Knowledge and how it is used in the movie Please see the attached notes and refer to it for elaboration