Business Environment Analysis

Main task Choose one company Soft Hop The company develops software focused on training of high-end athletes • Air Cool The company sells high quality air conditioning systems for the private households • Sweet Vegcook The company has a series of pastry shops selling muffins, coffee, cakes and other products only for vegans • Psych […]

Leadership Reflection

For this assignment, write a leadership reflection involving the qualities necessary in an ethical leader. Include the following three components in your scholarly activity. In your introduction, describe the qualities you believe are necessary in an ethical leader. Provide support from the textbook for your point of view, and explain why a leader should display […]

Marketing Plan

Marketing Plan: Part I In the next several units, you will be creating a marketing plan for a company. Submit a draft of your marketing plan to your instructor for review and feedback. This draft only needs to include a discussion of the product or service that you select and the pricing strategy that you […]

Impact of global technology on Business

Social media provides many advantages and opportunities for multi-national businesses to connect with their customers. In responding to the following, reflect on the use of social media to develop the coffee franchises in each country. Write at least 3 paragraphs on the following: Describe the main driving factors that determine the choice of platforms and […]