performance indicators

Throughout this course, you have analyzed your current work environment to identify the acquiring, developing, and training practices. Employees are the biggest asset and contribute to the culture and overall performance of the organization. This project requires you to determine how to leverage the human capital within your organization. Use the research you have complied […]

racial density among African American men

PART 1: 1.What is meant by racial density among African American men and why does this exist? 2.  Describe participation patters among ethnic minorities. 3.  What conditions must be met for racial and ethnic diversity to exist? 4.  Explain why the use of Native American images for team names, logos and mascots has been a […]


Assignment: Jamie received 105 responses, which are given in the Excel file Drout Advertising Survey. Review the questionnaire and classify the data collected from each question as categorical, ordinal, interval, or ratio. Next, explain how the data and subsequent analysis using business analytics might lead to a better understanding of stereotype versus empowerment advertising. Specifically, state some of the key insights that you would hope to […]

Leadership Reflection

For this assignment, write a leadership reflection involving the qualities necessary in an ethical leader. Include the following three components in your scholarly activity. In your introduction, describe the qualities you believe are necessary in an ethical leader. Provide support from the textbook for your point of view, and explain why a leader should display […]

Managerial Report

Recommend how much of the $800,000 should be invested in each of the three funds. What is the annual yield you anticipate for the investment recommendation? 2. Assume that the client’s risk index could be increased to 0.055. How much would the yield increase, and how would the investment recommendation change? 3. Refer again to […]