Freedom of Movement Chaining Townsend palm Beach State College The way the court should the decide this case to support the European Union’s commitment to labor mobility between member states is that they need to make a list of things they can do and have everyone in the court vote to see which suggestion is the best one. I don’t think people out-side of the country should be getting a child raising allowance check from Germany. Even if they use to live in the country. If they wanted the check they should have stayed in Germany.
Plus the plaintiffs husband works in Germany and the plaintiff herself works for border control. That means they can still live in Germany where it would be better for them to live and would still get a child raising allowance check every month. If the courts made a list of suggestions, then they can have multiple things that can happen. Also, if the one thing that they voted on just so happens to fail then what they can do is go over the list to see “what is the next best thing to do for the case. ” Lastly the court will need to make that the people of Germany and Europe would not have a pacific problem with what the courts choose.
If the citizens do not care for the court’s opinion the bad things will happen, like riots and protests. The similarities between Germany and Austria to Illinois and Indiana is they are both between two different places. What mean about this is that Germany is its own country and Austria is also its own country while Illinois and Indiana are both their own states. Now the similarities between the child raising allowance law and the unemployment law are that they are both place to help out the community. Also they are both used to help people outside of the country or the state.

They are both very helpful laws and are I am sure they are greatly appreciated by the people affected by them. The differences between the child raising allowance law and the unemployment law is that the child raising allowance law is for people in Germany that have children and only part time jobs, while the unemployment law is for people have either lost their job or never had one. But the unemployment law has nothing to do with whether the person has a child or not. Also Illinois and Indiana are a part of one country when Germany and Austria are two different countries and have different governmental spoke persons.

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