Since the constitution of the current societal security system in worldwide, the issue of pension policy are still being discussed by the public assistance policy bookmans. In the procedure of pension policy reform, to be purely, the proposition of planetary pension policy development can be divided into two classs, one is pension denationalization ; the other one is pay-as-you-go manner. These two waies are calming taking the planetary pension reform.
Presently, as the built up of the planetary administration mechanism and establishments in the universe, it facilitates the preparation and execution besides as national co-operation of societal policy in a globalized degree, therefore, it is a fact that international governmental organisations are playing a dominant function in the planetary policy airing. However, in the pension policy dimension, the demographic alteration is taging direct impact on the development of future planetary pension policy. In the field of the planetary pension discourse, the World Band and ILO are the two most dominant international governmental organisations, which have made important influence on the pension policy airing in many states and parts in the worldwide, nevertheless, confronting the demographic hazard, the World Bank and ILO presented a contrast response and attack in current societal pension reform severally. Therefore, a policy analysis of the World Bank and ILO ‘ s policy propositions in the field of pension issue makes a important aid for us to construe the hereafter planetary pension policy development
In footings of the this state of affairs, this article carry on a policy analysis of planetary pension discourse through analysing different policy propositions between the World Bank and the ILO in planetary pension policy. More item, there are three chief intents of this policy analysis, foremost, it can assist us to understand how planetary policy histrions make important impact on different states or parts in a globalized degree ; secondly, it aims at giving an nonsubjective rating of the World Bank and ILO ‘s ain pension policy propositions ; thirdly, it promotes us to hold a nonsubjective thought about the hereafter planetary pension policy reform when we are confronting the ineluctable demographic alteration.

Denationalization or Pay-As-You-Go?
There is no uncertainty that the Work Bank and ILO besides made an tremendous part to the development of modern planetary pension system. However, their chief argument in pension policy discoure is whether we should the privatise pension fund? For the World Bank, it points out that it is necessary for us to privatise pension system as the demographic crisis ; nevertheless, the ILO indicates that tax-financed and pay-as-you-go attack method can be continue to implemented although the demographic alteration is a possible hazard factor to destruct the current pension system.
1.1The World Bank ‘s Critique of the Pay-As-You-Go System
The World Bank criticizes the dominant public pillar pension system is non an low-cost and sustainable attack when we are confronting the rapid demographic alteration.
The basic premiss of the World Bank ‘ policy-marking is for the economic growing ( Orenstein, 2008 ) . This neo-liberalism brief determines that the World Bank confirms the positive impact of private market on bettering people ‘s wellbeings. Hence, in the field of pension policy-markingi??the World Bank pays attending to whether the pension policy can convey to an effectual economic growing ; furthermore the World Band implicitly convinces that pension benefiters ‘ pension demands can be satisfied by the denationalization.
Furthermore, it emphasizes the drawbacks of pay-as-you-go pension system are exposed wholly as the demographic passage. First, confronting the demographic alteration, it can non supply sustainable and effectual services for pension donees any more. On the one manus, this public funding manner is hard to avoid the generational pension debt ; Ervik ( p.36 ) stressed that: “ Present coevalss therefore have an inexplicit debt towards future coevalss. ” It can be expected that the societal pension demand will be increased as the bead of the birth rate and decease rate and the addition of the old people ‘ life anticipation. So if we do non specify a state ‘s part degree for current pension donees or do non increase the revenue enhancement, the fiscal debt will be worse ; one the other manus, the public funding method are taging a side-effect on the private market.
he World Bank besides points out that pay-as-you-go pension system impede the economic system growing. As mentioned previouslyi??the World Bank maintains that we can non portion more growing as the pay-as-you-go system crowd out a host of personal nest eggs and some wellness investing. It makes us to miss the chance to develop the capital market.
These are the chief grounds why the World Bank criticizes that pay-as-you-go public pillar system is non a sustainable and low-cost attack. Thus, for obtaining a sustainable consequence for a long-run, it motivates the World Bank to set about pension policy reform.
1.2The World Bank ‘s Pension Reform: Multi-pillar Pension System
Due to the quickly demographic crisis and the mature of the public pension strategy, in a study by the World Bank ( 2005 ) demonstrated that traveling to a multi-pillar pension model was an effectual and sustainable theoretical account on work outing the emerging jobs. So the multi-pillar pension system is playing a cardinal function in the World Bank ‘s pension policy reform. In this sectioni??there will be a reading and rating about the multi-pillar pension model.
Harmonizing to the World Bank ‘s position, there are three pillars consist of the multi-pillar pension conceptual model ( World Bank, 2008 ) . In this conceptual model, financing methods and societal risk-resistant are different in different pillars. The first one is public pillar, which is compulsory and each eligible work must take portion in it, but participators merely afford defined part and this pillar will provider defined and minimum supports for old age donees, such as poorness. The 2nd 1 is the personal economy program, this program is besides compulsory, and participators can pull off their personal economy, nevertheless, their personal nest eggs are regulated by private sectors, their private economy will be managed and invested into private capital market. Therefore, the World Bank pointed out that the personal economy program is an effectual manner to develop the capital economic system and old age donees can obtain bigger public assistance portion in the terminal. As the World Bank policy study ( 1994, p.208 ) stated: “ The compulsory salvaging pillar can be of import for increasing long term economy, speed uping capital market development, hiking investing in productive capital and proctor corporate public presentation. ” The 3rd pillar is voluntary program, this pillar providers us different pension programs, participators can choose these pension program harmonizing to if they want more demand or which sort of specify need they want to acquire. Harmonizing to the Esping-Andersen ‘s public assistance government typology ( Andersen, 1990 ) , this multi-pillar construct model represents a typical public assistance redistribution attack with the characters of neo-liberalism government, on one manus, the multi-pillar pension system indicated that the authorities should take limited public assistance duties in the pension system ; on the other manus, it represented the critical function of private market in the pension reform.
It can be said that the multi-pillar model is an effectual manner to get by with the demographic crisis. First, it is apparent that the defined part from pension remunerators can relief authorities ‘s financial force per unit area in a long term ; 2nd, the cost-related funding method is showing an equal intervention for each pension remunerator, because pension remunerators ‘ current parts are for their ain retirement benefits alternatively of current old age pension benefices. Third, it can be low-cost by most of current workers, as the multi-pillar pension system is more flexible, different funding method and salvaging programs can accommodate to persons ‘ economic ability and satisfy with persons ‘ different demands. Fourth, the multi-pillar system gives chance for developing the capital market. In short, for the long position, we can non deny that donees can obtain much more stable public assistance portions from a flourishing economic system.
1.3 The ILO ‘s Policy Response: Retirement Age Extension
Confronting the quickly demographic alteration, set abouting a societal pension reform has been strongly agreed by the World Bank. However, the ILO holds a contrastive attitude “ The ILO has continued to endorse reform of pay-as-you-go pension system as the best manner frontward for most states. ” as Yeates said ( 2008, p.220 ) . Furthermore, the grounds why the ILO is still take a firm standing on a contrasting attitude in the planetary pension policy reform besides can be recognized from its ain attitude towards to demographic alteration and broad capital markets.
Governments ‘ duty is strengthened by the ILO in the public assistance policy-marking. The ILO is aim at developing nice work and constructing a list of common labour criterion, this purpose can be interpreted from the ILO ‘s positive histrion in the procedure of MDG, the ILO ‘s MDG ( Millennium Development Goals ) docket and even post-2015 docket ( ILO, 2012 ) pointed out that nice work and effectual protection are the basic attacks to work out poorness and hungriness. So in footings of this position, it can be recognized that the ILO strongly advocates to widening societal protection by authoritiess ‘ investings. In footings of the ILO ‘s basic premiss, it is impossible for the ILO to set about a pension denationalization, because the pension denationalization means that the ability of the societal protection system ‘s risk-resistant is reduced. Furthermore, the ILO besides confirms that demographic hazard is an inexplicit factor to destruct the pay-as-you-go pension system, and it can convey to the serious financial load for the remunerators and authorities, but we can work out the job through improve employment straight alternatively of set abouting a pension denationalization reform. The ILO points out that the extension of retirement age is the most effectual method to work out the pension jobs which is brought by aging society, such as the authorities ‘s financial and administrative load and current pension remunerators ‘ increasing revenue enhancement ( Erik,2005 ) . Hence, signifier these points of position ; it can be organized that the pension denationalization reform will take to three chief negative effects. First, it is weakening single ‘s ability of supporting markets ‘ hazard, The intent of public assistance de-commercialization is aimed at bettering persons ‘ ability of market risk-resistant ( Andersen,1990 ) , but the diminution of societal security ‘s de-commercialization grade makes a side consequence on the province ‘s public assistance system construction evidently. Second, as the denationalization pension lack the character of risk-pooling, so pension remunerators have to bear the effect of plus impairment loss by the market hazard separately. For case, the pension denationalization reform has halted due to the recent planetary periodical fiscal crisis ( Orenstein, 2011 ) . Third, the serious financial shortages have besides spread across many states in the procedure of pension reform, which besides shows that the inexplicit authorities ‘s debt crisis can non be eradicated by the pension denationalization reform. Hence, it besides can be revealed that the pension denationalization besides has many built-in advantages.
2. Who is the Winner, the World Bank or ILO?
In the survey by Orenstein ( 2004 ) indicated that the ILO ‘s pension policy proposition was playing a prima histrion during 1940s. It can be interpreted that the pay-as-you-go pension strategy was satisfied with the post-war states ‘ strong demand of obtaining a stable state of affairs from economic system development in a globalized degree. On one manus, the constitution of Pay-As-You-Go state pension system in worldwide could increase authoritiess ‘ duties and represented the authoritiess ‘ advantages of resource co-ordination in the field of societal security, it helped many states to work out different post-war societal jobs and enhanced societal stableness ; on the other manus, the pay-as-you-go state pension manner had protected post-war workers ‘ rights and led to the economic system recovery and societal reproduction efficaciously and expeditiously. Therefore, ILO ‘s pay-as-you-Go manner was still playing a dominant function in the development of planetary societal pension during the period of the post-World War II.
However, temporarily, it is a fact that the World Bank is replacing the ILO to play a dominant function in taking the procedure of planetary pension policy. Harmonizing to the survey by Yeats ( 2008 ) , since early 1990s, more than 30 states in the universe have participated into the pension denationalization reform which is influenced by the World Bank. Hence, it can be said that the new-liberalism and privatized signifier are taking the planetary pension reform. Hence, organize a historical position, as a planetary policy histrion, the World Bank obtained an outstanding success in different planetary pension reform phrase.
Nowadays, it can be said that Work Bank ‘s multi-pillar manner is the victor in this argument. Howeveri??it does non intend that multi-pillar pension manner is non flawed. At the same clip, the ILO is get downing to rethink the pay-as-you-go pension manner. Its pension reconsideration besides make sense to the planetary pension policy strongly.
3. The ILO ‘s Pension Policy Rethink and Development
Confronting the Work Bank ‘s multi-pillar manner reform is continuing successfully by many states in the universe. The ILO ‘s began to rethink the Pay-As-You-Go pension policy. Its reconsideration besides make sense to the development of the pension reform. First, In footings of the demographic passage, the ILO Independent Evaluation Report ( ILO, 2010 ) strengthened a four-tiered pension scheme to widen the societal security, this new pension system ‘s maps is really similar with the Word Bank ‘s multi-pillar system. However, it besides has its ain alone features, for the first tyre, it is a national mandatary pay-as-you-go system, nevertheless it is a sort of means-tested province pension which is focal point on the vulnerable group and low-income group ; the 2nd tyre besides is a compulsory pension which is based on personal revenue enhancement and pay-as-you-go funding, but the personal part is defined and limited. The 3rd tyre is the private nest eggs strategy ; the nest eggs is capitalized and self-regulated ; the 4th grade is the voluntary program, people can take part into different sorts of personal nest eggs program or informal public assistance program harmonizing to their ain certain demands. The design of the new four-tier pension system by the ILO demonstrates that the organisation bit by bit realized that of import function of denationalization in the context of globalisation, it besides confirms that defined private nest eggs is playing a necessary portion in the personal pension program. This new attitude demonstrates that the ILO ‘s recognitions that pension donees widening benefits can take to the unsustainable development of the pay-as-you-go societal insurance strategy. But it should be paid attending that the pay-as-you-go funding manner and the rule of societal redistribution are still moving a dominant place in the ILO ‘s four-tiered system, oppositely, the function of denationalization is still in a weak. This is the chief divergency between the World Bank ‘s multi-pillar system and the ILO ‘s four-tiered system. In add-on, the ILO started to rethink the construction of societal insurance, the ILO argued that the grounds why the pay-as-you-go funding manner is failed in the pension argument is because the high coverage of pension strategy. As Bob Deacon ( 2007, p.66 ) said: “ Pay-as-you-go pensions had become a privileged beginning of income in old age and the strategies had become a beginning of unfairness. ” The World Social Security Report by ILO ( 2010i??p.53 ) besides stressed: “ Incomplete pension coverage is a widespread phenomenoni??it is seen non merely in developing countriesi??but in industrialised states. ” Thus the ILO requires to widening the societal security system, it means that, on one manus, the current societal insurance system should cut down the resource integrating grade of retirement pension ; on the other manus, other societal sectors and classs which have been neglected for a long clip by the authorities should be covered in the societal insurance system.
The ILO ‘s pensions rethink besides makes an apparent part to the development of the planetary pension policy. On one manus, the argument of pension reform is non limited to discourse the high quality and pertinence of different pension manners. More significantly, rules of societal justness and societal rights are being extremely considered into the policy-making of current pensions strategies. All in all, its new policy position makes a important influence on the redistribution of planetary societal security resources and enriches future planetary pension development.
4. Pension Policy Diffusion and Integration Campaign
The last portion chiefly analyzed the divergency between the Work Bank and the ILO in the field of planetary pension policy. Although, in general, they hold an opposite attitude in the statement of the planetary pension denationalization reform, as a planetary policy histrion, the Work Bank and ILO have many similarities in the field of planetary pension policy airing and administration. First, the integrating run is besides playing a dominant function in the spread of their pension policies severally ; in add-on, they are besides run intoing similar challenges in the procedure of planetary administration of pension policy.
First, they besides do non hold formal power to coerce their givers to carry through their ain policy. Therefore, the maps of indirect integrating runs become really of import for them. Harmonizing to Jacoby ‘s ( 2004 ) categorization, inspiration, subsidy and partnership are most often used by planetary policy histrions into diffuse their ain policies. For case, the ILO ( 2010 ) has conducted an integrating run to develop current pension strategies and extend the societal security system. These three schemes besides be used in this integrating run, similar attacks are adopted by the World Bank in the procedure of its pension denationalization reform. that the integrating run is the dominant attack for planetary diffusion by the Work Bank and ILO.
In add-on, the World Bank and ILO besides encounter with the same challenges in the run. First, Global histrions ‘ policies can conflict with certain public assistance governments. Harmonizing to Esping Andersen ‘s ( 1990 ) public assistance government typology, current public assistance governments can be divided into three conflicting governments. As sort of neo-liberalism public assistance manner, pension denationalization can be hard to be accepted by conservative governments ‘ public assistance provinces obviously ; the World Bank and ILO ‘s policy integrating runs can non be really effectual in democracy politic states. For the democracy states, policy issues must be discussed and decided through democratic politic mechanism, so it can be a possible obstruction to impede the procedure of planetary policy diffusion.
5. In decision
Through the pension policy analysis, foremost, it can be realized that the World Bank and ILO represent wholly opposite advocations in the planetary pension policy, nevertheless, their ain pension positions besides be profoundly influenced by two factors, one is their different organisation beliefs and rules, another one is their several understand to the current demographic passage, at the same clip, it should be recognized that planetary histrion ‘s policy would non be invariable all the clip, in contrast, histrions are go oning to rethink if their ain policy can be adapted to the altering universe ; secondly, the integrating run is playing an critical function in planetary pension policy diffusion by
Third, planetary policy histrions are meeting the similar planetary challenges. Hence, it is necessary for different international governmental organisations to strength common duologues with each other in the field of policy issues and diffusion methods.
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