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Open a WORD  file and save it as Lastname_Firstname_Chapter3_Project. Note the Lastname and Firstname is your Lastname and your Firstname.

Go to the top right of the screen, click on the Apps icon (9 black squares) and click more on the dropdown, and then click Even more from Google.
Put your name on the top of the word document.  Type each question ( as shown below) and then find answers to the questions from Google’s site (as indicated above). Sometimes you will copy/paste the answer, sometimes you will need to do a print screen (screen capture).  Complete sentences are not required.

Google allows you to create documents, spread sheets, presentations; what other types of applications are available using Google Hint: look for Home & Office?

Which Google Apps tool allows you to create websites and secure group wikis?

Which Google App allows you to find, edit, and share photos?

Which Google App allows you to search scholarly papers?

What is Google Chrome?

How would you use Google Wallet?

Do you need to have a Google account to use all of these tools? (Answer this based on your experience with today’s project)

What is Earth?

Where can you print with Google Cloud Print?

Go to Google Translate.
(a) Type in a short phrase in English, and have Google translate the phrase into Spanish.  Do a screen capture*, so I can see the phrase in both languages.  
(b) Do the same thing with a second phrase, but translate it into any language except Spanish.  Again, do a screen capture so I can see the phrase in both languages. 

Save and Upload the document.

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