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an introduction paper and a discussion    comparing between artworks   yo have to choose form the only eras or times that in the rubic   and teh discussion is   Welcome to Module 4! This Module is about Ancient ROME, so please be sure to choose Ancient ROMAN artworks to write about. The directions instruct you to choose an Ancient ROMAN artwork covered in the Module, which of course would make your job so much easier… But if you want to write about Ancient ROMAN artworks not covers in the Module it’s okay. . However — and this is VERY IMPORTANT — if you choose artworks not covered in the Module, make sure that they are Ancient ROMAN artwork! In this Module you learned how to use BOTH formal qualities AND contextual information to analyze works of art, and how a combined analysis (using both formal and contextual qualities) will enable you to perform rich analyses of works of art that share a common theme. For our Class Discussion this week you will apply these combined analysis skills to comparing two works of ancient ROMAN art. Choose two ancient ROMAN artworks (must be by different artists) from this week’s module that express the SAME THEME. Use your newly acquired formal and contextual analysis skills to discuss the similarities and differences with regard to the ways in which each work addresses this shared theme. PRO-TIP: Check out my example posts and LEAH’S and CHRISTA’S excellent posts too before you start writing your own please. In your responses to your Classmates’ posts, include other similarities and differences that you notice about the ways in which their ancient ROMAN artworks address the shared THEME to expand on their explanation of the similarities and differences they discuss.  

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