I need at least a 150-word comment on my class mate’s discussion Group Decision-Making Videos Joshua  The first video I watched about group decision making on youtube was called Group Decision Making and Teamwork and consisted of an animated video which presents real world examples of improper decision making in the workplace in a group setting. After each improper decision is made, there is an explanation of where each individual went wrong at. In my opinion, the video is a good representation of proper group decision making techniques because it provides good information and realistic examples of where people can go wrong in the group decision making process. The video is animated and keeps the viewers attention, while providing an informative dialogue. The second video that I have found is called small group decision making, and is not a well put together video, even by high school standards. The video has minimal information and is more out of focus then a UFO video from 1995. It does seem like the participants are trying too hard with their acting and the overall quality distracts from the information they are trying to present. Having an animated video in this instance does a better job at presenting the information as it can leave much less to be distracted by. Viewing both videos is good because it allows you to see what was done properly and what could have been improved upon when you are passing this information onto someone else. References: Center for Innovation in Legal Education, (2014) Group Decision Making and Teamwork. Retrieved from: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8YxIfxC03tU Brittney Maldonado, (2016). Small Group Decision Making. Retrieved from: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MEKCMH8UvmU

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