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  During the economic recession of 2007-2009, jobs were limited, which did not allow for a great deal of employment flexibility. Individuals were scrambling for positions, even if they lacked interest in an organization. After those years, the economy has recovered in some sections, and some individuals have more options for organizational employment. Thus, organizations should seek to understand the needs, wants, and characteristics of their applicants/workforce. We also recognize that specific demographics can have an influence on an organization’s recruitment and retaining efforts. Choose 3 of the demographics categories below, and then assess how each of those demographics can impact an organization’s recruitment and training efforts. For instance, how does the average age of the organization’s members impact the type of new employees it will attract and the type of training programs they may develop? Or, discuss how the marital status of employees can impact retention, along with how best to develop training programs within this demographic. The demographic categories are: Age (include the differences between younger and older workers) Religion Gender Generational group Personality type Marital status Organizational tenure To get started, consider reading the following article: The role of demographic factors in the relationship between high performance work system and job satisfaction: A multidimensional approach. Your initial posting should be well-researched, be at least 300 words, and must be submitted by 11:59 p.m. (MT) on Thursday of this week. Your initial post must meet APA guidelines as explained in the CSU-Global Guide to Writing & APA and include at least ONE scholarly reference from course materials.

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