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                          I need at least a 150-word comment on my classmate’s discussion Better Productivity Marquis  The article that I read was about how-how employees at Apple and Google are more productive. I have heard this from these companies before but never really read into it. The article talks about how the company’s focus on collective rather than individual tasks. Many companies try to make sure that leaders get rewarded for a job well done, but they have figured out that it works better when you reward a team for doing a good job. The companies look for the tasks that need the most attention, and that is going to affect the business the most, and they put their best people on that job. Other functions that that was not mission critical to the company at that time, they could get away with not using their all-star personnel. They also believe that you should be inspired to want to come to work and do a good job. They feel you can be an inspirational leader from being taught. Everyone is not a leader, but it does not me it’s not possible to grow into one. Companies that find a way to inspire their workers tend to perform better. It is said that an inspired worker is 125% more productive than a satisfied one. I would argue that it is possible to satisfy and inspire your workers at the same time by keeping them engaged and making them feel apart of the team at all costs. If I were in charge, I would possibly try to make this happen for my workers. Vozza,S. (2017, March 13) Why Employees at Apple and Google Are More Productive, It’s a Mix of Organizations, Priorities, Trust, and Leadership. Retrieved November 1, 2017, from 

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