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respond to this    With any job, I would like to be viewed as an asset because that’s what I know I can be for them. An asset can be described “… as something that in the future, can generate cash flow, reduce expenses, or improve sales, regardless of whether it’s manufacturing equipment or a patent.” (Barone, 2020) However, just like equipment, employees increase a company’s cash flow, boost sales, and decrease expenses.  I would say that I am equivalent to an appreciating piece of property because as I further my knowledge and skill levels, I become more valuable to a company. Once I receive my degree I am able to show company’s that I have been trained and educated for the certain role they are looking to hire for. Personally, I like the two categories and believe that they can really assist HR in determining who is a good potential fit for a role, recognizing achievements of employees, and allows them to grow with the rest of the business world. The term “cost” doesn’t fit very well into the 21st century PSS as one of it’s goals is “treating human resources as an asset and investment.” rather than “treating personnel as a cost.” (Klingler, Nalbandian, and Llorens, 2018) If hired as director, I would look to recognize and record skills, achievements, promotions, etc. of all employees. Understanding your workforce, knowing the essential skills and qualifications needed for each position, and being able to select a candidate from in house can really improve a company’s entire dynamic.  Barone, A. (2020). Investopedia. Corporate Finance & Accounting : Klinger, Donald E., John Nalbandian, and Jared Llirens (2018). Public Personnel Management 7th Edition. New York: Longman.

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