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   I need to post at least 150-word comment on my class mates discussion Human Capital Trends 2016 Robert  Over the years, technology has obviously changed the way society interacts. Almost anything can be done online without even having to leave your home. People in businesses are able to work from home rather than having to come to work every day. It’s considered normal for the younger generations because we have grown up in that type of world. For those who are older, it is harder for them, to grasp these new ideas and to change the way they’ve done things their entire lives. Technology is taking away the jobs of many people and it creates stress in the workplace. Workers are often afraid of losing their jobs to technology. My dad used to work for Verizon before he retired and would always tell me about people getting laid off so frequently due to the economy. He would also be able to work from home with the use of his laptop which made things easier for him to get things done in a comfortable environment. Working from home has flaws due to the ability to work when you want. At my job, technology has presented a great importance and change. Rather than having normal inspections, we are able to be inspected online through documentation of training and other areas. It’s hard for those who are used to the face to face interactions. Companies also just receive applications from possible employees with the needed requirements for the job. This eliminates the face to face interaction which can be one of the most important aspects of hiring somebody. Heathfield, S.M. (2016).  Top 10 human resources trends of the decade.  Retrieved n October 2, 2017, from 

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