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   I need at least a 150-word comment on my class mate’s discussion  Bias Videos                      Alexander posted Hello Class, The video I fund pretty much defines cognitive/heuristic biases. According to the video heuristic bias are decisions that are all based on news and stories and no fact what so ever.  This is common with people, they see images on TV and if you see it or hear it enough time you will start to believe it. Crazy right?  I thought the video was credible because he spoke about the all of the different types of basis that is covered in our class, (overconfidence, anchoring, framing, confirmation) I felt like it was relevant. This can really affect the way you make decision. The way to overcome this is simple stick to the facts. It’s an actual skill to be able to stick to the facts especially when you do not like the facts.  “In truth, part of successful problem solving and decision making is a willingness and ability to take calculated risks when required, and to minimize those risks. Natural caution, hesitation, and fear of failure are major factors in avoiding risk, but the leader needs to show the way in controlling risk and managing the situation. An unsupportive work environment can also be a factor. The leadership of the organization should therefore set the parameters, clearly demonstrating how and when to manage risk, as well as building a blame-free environment, where experimentation is allowed, properly managed, and controlled.” Kourdi, J. (2011). Kourdi, J. (2011). Chapter 10: Avoiding the pitfalls and developing an action plan. Effective Decision Making: 10 Steps to Better Decision Making and Problem Solving. London: Marshall Cavendish International [Asia] Pte Ltd.

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