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  In the business world, customer satisfaction is the highest mission. Companies will go above and beyond to ensure consumers are satisfied and gain customer retention. One of the biggest factors in completing this task is to keep employees motivated so they will contribute effectively to the company’s goals. As a HRM it is important that you develop and maintain a good relationship between the organization and its employees. The society that we live in is always changing, therefore as a manger you should be able to find resources to motivate employees to accept  and adjust to these changes, making the transition as simple as possible. These changes may come by way of technological changes, policies or even legal issues,  such as changes in laws. When a manger can accomplish these objectives it will support his or her success as a manger. If a manger is able to motivate employees and keep their moral at a high, the employees will be motivated to go the extra mile to ensure customers are satisfied. If the manager has not mastered these objectives the employees will become disgruntled and their performance may be affected which could lead to poor customer satisfaction. This would affect the company in a whole.  The company I work for, which is a hotel,  has great strategies in place, For instance, if an employee goes above and beyond to accomplish guest satisfaction, a manger can write what is called a ” First Class Card”. The employee is given a raffle ticket to enter the companies raffle for employees where you can win a bonus incentive (money). This motivates them to go the extra mile to ensure guest satisfaction and retention. I work in Human Resources and I deal with the challenges first hand and I must say happy employees,  happy guests.

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