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   Executive Compensation Article Review Read about executives/CEO compensation on the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business Website and review the article covering executive. After reading, please provide the following required information listed below (in no less than 500 words; in your own words. Refrain from plagiarism): I. Bibliographic Information a. Title of Article b. Author and title c. Date of Article II. Introductory Paragraphs: In your introductory paragraphs, distinguish between the income levels that determine social-class structure for inhabitants of the United States and describe the differences between exempt and nonexempt employees.  What are thoughts on how corporate executives should be paid?  Should compensation be directly linked to organizational performance? Should executive employees be offered “golden parachutes” even when the organization has failed?  III. Issues Presented within the Article a.  Using complete sentences, provide a summation of issues and topics covered within the article. IV. Impact of the Article a.  Using complete sentences, discuss points you agree with and/or disagree with regarding information contained within the article b.  Are the issues and viewpoints presented by the author justified?  Please explain “yes” or “no”. c.  What did you learn regarding compensation from the article? V. Synthesis with Class Materials- How does information contained within the article relate to information found within chapter 14 of your text?  Please explain in no less than one paragraph. Chapter 14 attached. VI.  The Last Page of the Assignment Should be a Reference Page in APA Format Link

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