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   I need at least 150-word comment for my class mate’s discussion Decision-Making Bias                      Joshua posted  In the video that I have watched was from Professor Bertels. In the video, the one of the types of bias discussed was with overconfidence. In my SLP, I have discussed how the overconfidence bias is one of the most dangerous, due to having someone who only believes what they choose. The video that I have found, discusses the bias and provides good information as well as having a good video that held my attention while also informing me of the bias type. It should be said that I do have a preference for this subject and find the information of bias types interesting. Knowing what type of bias someone has when they are making decisions can help avoid a wrong or improper decision. While the information that was presented was not as in-depth as background material, the video can still be useful for quick information in general for people who are more of visual learners. After taking some time to review some posts from my classmates, one of the videos I watched was called “Heuristics – Availability, Representativeness, Anchoring, Hindsight and more”, and was found on youtube. The video was  a lot longer then the one I watched, and provided good information as well. If having to choose between the two, I would have choose the one created by Professor Bertels, which in my opinion held my attention and provided more identifiable information. References: Professor Bertels, (2016). Decision Making Biases. Retrieved from: Michael Britt, (2011). Heuristics – Availability, Representativeness, Anchoring, Hindsight and more. Retrieved from:    2?

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