5-7 pages not incl. cover and reference page; min. 5 sources   Summarize the various components of leadership and how they vary from management Assess an organizations goals and mission and compose a management style and strategy Apply leadership strategies that will overcome short term organizational weaknesses and improve long term performance Explain the values and detriment of matrix management and ad-hoc teams Differentiate the need for explicit directions and opportunities for implicit guidance The final project in this course requires that you visit the Web site of a local health care organization (e.g., hospital, long-term care facility, ambulatory care clinic) in your town, city, county, or state and asses its goals and mission. Once you have assessed your chosen facility’s goals and mission statement, complete the following: Write a paper that integrates what you have learned throughout this course, and describe and discuss 4–6 important competencies that you need to have to effectively lead your chosen organization, based on its goals and mission.( this is what I have learned so far)discussed emotional intelligence and how that impacts leader effectiveness.  Communication was a fun discussion about the most effective ways to communicate throughout various levels within the organization.  Coupled with that discussion was active listening techniques. In healthcare evaluation of competency is important to reducing medical errors and ensuring you have the “right” staff in the right positions. Are you a leader or manager and whether leaders are born or made was some discussion this term. Explain why those competencies are important and how the information you gleaned from this course will improve your own leadership style and strategy.

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