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Optimizing Employee Performance  Need it by May 1, 2018 1,200-1,400 words with a minimum of 6 scholarly references  APA Format You have done a great job on this outline, but you know that you need to integrate this feedback into a formal document requested by senior leadership at Matrix. Your supervisor, Annalise, has told you that this document will be your Key Assignment first draft. The first guidance that she provides you with is to critically evaluate the feedback that you received and address issues such as the following: —  Address any considerations or feedback regarding your outline for your KA. For example, were there any critical components that were missed in the      outline?  —  Make grammatical and formatting corrections and address any APA issues.  —  Ensure that there are numerous scholarly references.  The second guidance that she provides you with is to ensure that you include information from the past 3 weeks/assignments regarding performance appraisal processes, performance appraisal types, and training needs into your Key Assignment first draft. The third guidance that she provides you with is to continue with your research and within the Key Assignment first draft to also include the following newly researched information: —  Compare and contrast different motivational theories.  —  Explain why motivation is a main concern during the performance appraisal process and how motivational levels can be impacted by this process.  —  Evaluate correlations between motivation and the ability to perform.  —  Identify strategies that can be used at Matrix for improving individual performance and how can these strategies reduce negative reactions to the performance appraisal process. 

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