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Assignment is in the attachment Please do not bid on the assignment if you do not review it first, I will have questions about your understanding of what is expected.          Required Resources (access attached in word document): WorldatWork. (2007). The WorldatWork handbook of compensation, benefits, & total rewards. Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons. AND    Here’s what you’ll be specifically graded on: 1. The running heads are set up properly on cover page and information is centered on the page (not too far up or too far down). 2. Every page has a page number and it is placed inside the running head. 3. Introduction and Conclusion sections are required and worth 5 points each. Please do not miss these!! 4. Introduction section has the title of the paper as its heading…NOT the word Introduction.. 5. All headings are restructured versions of the paper’s requirements statements and not copied and pasted versions. 6. Reference and introduction headings are not to be bold text; all other headings are bold text 7. All citations have 3 parts: author, year, and page or paragraph numbers. Mandatory! 8. Paper has good mixture of research and student’s own thoughts and the information is relevant. 9. All paragraphs are properly indented throughout the paper. 10. Conclusion section is effective and does not repeat what the introduction says or begins with “In this paper we talked about…” 11. Any journal article used as a reference must have a “retrieved from” web address that takes the reader directly to the source, NOT to the host page (Ex; Ebsco) 12. It goes without saying that all information in any paper must be specific to the paper’s topics with good grammar and meaning.

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