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   Discussion Board Unit 3 Outline of Unit 5 IP Executive Summary A. These is the review of UnitedHealth Group There are nine points that the paper covers within the company B. It is for the determination of the human resource department and the things that effect the department Introduction The information about company and a short explanation to give an idea of the contents of the paper. Body · Major Point 1 A. Look at the compensation and benefits from leadership to different other areas. B. Looking at the 10K and employment sites to see filed wages. · Major Point 2 A. Business Leadership and strategy by looking at different leaders. B. The different areas they work. C. The competitor and their place in the market. · Major Point 3 A. Diversity of the work place. B. The many areas of the company and it’s need of talent. Major Point 4 A. Employee Relation and how it effects the business. B. The culture of the company. · Major Point 5 A. Ethics and Corporate Responsibility and how this effects the company’s image. B. In this how it helps to get investors. · Major Point 6 A. How the company in the helping employees develop and move forward. B. Also, as employee develop also a look at the organization development. C. Human capital challenge today. D. Employment Laws and Human rights Issues · Major Point 7 A. This will be a look at talent Management. B. What are the things they do to train and keep talent? C. Global talent and the differences. · Major Point 8 A. Technology in the work place and human resource department. B. Technology and changes in this company. · Major Point 9 A. How does the human resources work within the company? B. Human resource management practices and role. C. Trends that effect human resources.

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