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Note Taking and Summary Before You Begin… To successfully complete your assignment, you should have completed the following tasks: From the textbook, Keys to effective learning: Study skills and habits for success, read: Active listening and note taking: Taking in and recording information Review materials under the topic “Note Taking” Review Dr. Martin Luther King’s speech I Have a Dream at the following:  King, M. (2004). I have a dream. New African,(435), p. 67. (ProQuest Document ID 230228033) Retrieved from This assignment consists of two parts. Complete both parts. Part 1 Refer to the Finding a Note-Taking Technique media piece on the “Note Taking” page in Module 4 and review the explanation of Cornell Notes.   Download and review the blank Cornell Notes template. Use the blank note-taking sheet to summarize the main points from Dr. King’s speech as you read it. Focus on the message that Dr. King was trying to communicate to the audience that day. Be sure you complete all the sections of the template, including those for connections, questions, and summary. For reference, use the note-taking example. Part 2 Using your notes as a resource, write a summary of the speech at the bottom of the Cornell note-taking form. Be sure to: Create a systematic summary that captures all of the main points of the speech, as well as the various pieces of evidence Dr. King used to support these main ideas. Paraphrase where necessary. In addition to the summary, reflect on the note-taking activity and address the following: Document what you have learned from the note-taking activity. Describe how you will use note-taking skills in other ways.

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