DUE DATE FRI 6/17 @ 5PM   Grading Rubric for Cases       Your grade is a combination of the following elements:       1. Appropriate length of answer. One paragraph per question answered. Individual question minimum of 3 well-structured sentences in 12 point font.       2. Identification of correct human resource or management topic.       3. Full quality answers which include research to determine how to apply standards, regulations, or laws covering human resources. These cases require you to research current federal employment law, regulations, and issues in order to answer them correctly.  Review “Website resources” tab. Also you can google topics, laws, cases, etc.       4. Correct notation of sources listed at the bottom of each answered case. You should list the textbook and any websites or other resources you used; cite direct quotes from sources in parenthesis and put (author’s last name, page #).   Case # 59, page 176 – “The Self-Appraisal Problem” students have the opportunity to address an issue that is becoming more common, self-appraisal in the workforce. Most managers complete 360 degree performance appraisals and this requires them to make a self-appraisal, as well as allowing appraisal from their bosses, coworkers, peers, and maybe even their customers. For practice, you can complete page 177 using your existing job or your last job to self-appraise. Please use this opportunity to understand how important it is to know your strengths and weaknesses and to be able to list goals for completion.       Your answer should be at least 1 page with references listed at the end of the document on page 2 and in MLA 7th edition format       ****** QUESTIONS SHOULD BE LISTED AND NUMBERED WITH ANSWERS PROVIDED BELOW *****  

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