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A Case for Change As a leader, we need to be effective in promoting and managing change. This assignment asks you to establish the contextual framework for identifying a need for and promoting a case for change within your organization. To guide the writing process, we will use an adaptation (i.e., excluding some components) of How to Write a Business Case, available on the CANVAS module. Content Instructions: The information should include: • A brief profile of the organization (i.e., the field of operations, vision, and mission); analysis of the organization’s change culture pattern (i.e., open for innovation, change culture/mindset, or change avoidance, not supportive of change). Note: For privacy issues use a pseudonym to replace the actual name. The identified need for change (an ethical issue), discuss the manifestations, consequences, urgency, and effects on organizational success/growth. Outcome. Explain the expectations (i.e., expected results) of the change project. Based on the previously discussed change patterns of the organization, the projected changes and expected outcome, identify potential resistors and explain your plan for addressing them (i.e., how to integrate them in the project for ensuring the success of your project). Structure of the assignment: An introduction (i.e., the introductory section explaining the topic, purpose, and content of the paper). The discussion of the required information discussed in the instructions, using APA heading level 2 for each required component, adding headings level 3 if needed. A conclusion (i.e., conclusive remarks section) summarizing the content discussed within the paper. Should have a minimum of 8-10 current scholarly references and 8 – 10 pages in length not including cover page and references.

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