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Many industrialized nations have successful public programs in place that are more effective than those in the United States. Some examples include waste food reduction, education test scores, health care, less violent crime, more vacation time, and mass transit systems. What lessons can public agencies in the United States learn from lessons abroad? What is your rationale? Explain. ANSWER THE ABOVE DISCUSSION AND THEN REPLY TO MY CLASSMATE RESPONSE TO THE ABOVE QUESTIONS AND EXPLAIN WHY YOU AGREE? (A MINIMUM OF 150 WORDS EACH)                                                          CLASSMATE’S POST The United States can learn from countries such as, Spain, Germany, and Britain, on providing health care for their citizen for about half the cost of what the United States does, and with better overall health outcomes, such as lower infant mortality rates, as well as with greater overall patient satisfaction.  Germany’s had a national health care system since 1813 that create a broad-based care. Taiwan has one of the world’s newest national system. Set up in 1995, its goal was to incorporate the best ideas from around the world. The one thing these countries have in common is their successful system of ensuring that everyone who needs or want health care can get have it without going broke or bankrupt. This has proven to be important and has improve the physical well-being of their country, and in keeping cost down.  The rational is that if people have health insurance, they are more likely to get preventive care and early treatment for medical conditions, if left untreated could end up being very costly. If the United States have a national health service, it would save citizen a great deal of money and can be much cheaper as it is for the citizens in Spain and Britain.

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