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Work Group Challenges The collective ideas of a work group can be an effective approach and at the same time pose a management challenge for organizations and its leaders. There are factors to consider when forming a work group such as the experience and skills of the members and the group’s leader, the location of group members, and the group’s individual and collective goals and objectives. The assignment is to identify five (5) challenges that cause work groups to fail, a recommendation to address each challenge, and the role of the group’s leader in implementing each recommendation. The focus of the assignment should not be specific to one organization or industry, and the researched material should be grounded in the current literature on why groups fail and the best practices for addressing the failures and getting the group on the road to success. Grading guidelines: : 5 page paper, excluding the cover and references page. Cite concepts from the course readings, scholarly sources from the UMUC online library, and/or the weekly modules to support your analysis – your paper should contain at least five sources published within the last five years. Follow APA style guidelines for the cover page, citations, and references page. The paper should be double-spaced with 1-inch margins with 12 pt. Arial font. An A paper will display these qualities: 1. Meets expectations for content and purpose of the assignment. 2. Main ideas are consistently and clearly supported by references. 3. Paper is organized. Paragraphs are logical and internally consistent. 4. Uses language and tone appropriate for the assignment. 5. Critically evaluates information and or data consistent with the purpose of the assignment. 6. Displays sound grammar, spelling and appropriate conventions.

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