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I  need you to do research on doing a            Global Business Opportunities Project:   Starbuck’s in India         You are responsible in finding how these 2 modules are added to the topic of a Global Business Opportunity Project: Starbucks in India.   2 Modules:     Module 3: Assessing the Economic/Geographic Environment          This is where you start to really get to the “meat” of your investigation. By now you should have a country in mind AND a product or service in mind. As you evaluate the economy and natural resources, do so with your product or service in mind. Do you need waterways and shipping docks? Do you need telecommunications? How stable is the economy? Is your product/service purchased with discretionary income or disposable income? What is the GDP/capita in US dollars? Compare it to the US GDP/per capita.   Module 4: Assessing the Souci-Cultural Environment          Using the 4 categories in this module, paint the cultural picture. You may want to look at future trends and predictions. In the US for example, we have the aging babyboomers. The largest segment of the US population was born between 1946-1964.  Beginning on Jan. 1, 1996, the first of the baby boomers started turning 50. This segment will have 2500 people turn 50 every day (365 days) every year for the next 10 years. Starting in 2006, those same people will start turning 60. By 2014, the largest segment of the US population will be 50 – 70 years of age. The same thing is happening in Japan. What are the implications of that kind of cultural influence? Look at those kinds of statistics as well.     You need to add all the information regarding the 3 and 4 module to the attached Doc. They are highlighted in Yellow. I need 6 references and 2-3 pages APA Format.  

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