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If you were assigned to a committee performing a SWOT analysis, which section of the analysis do you think would be the toughest to investigate? Why? PLEASE EXPLAIN WHETHER YOU AGREE WITH MY CLASSMATE RESPONSE TO THE ABOVE QUESTION AND WHY? (A MININUM OF 125 WORDS)                                                         CLASSMATE’S POST After thoroughly going over the readings and getting a thorough understanding, in my opinion when performing a SWOT analysis, I think the toughest to investigate would be the threats, which is something that is going to negatively impact your company.  You can be in control of your strengths and weaknesses within your company, and even be able to map out any opportunities you may see.  You have very little to no control over the threats, and they can often come when from different directions that you are not expecting, and you must be prepared to navigate or mitigate accordingly.  It is hard to prepare for what you don’t know to be for certain which I believe makes it the hardest to investigate.  While you may have a plan, it may not be sufficient for a threat that you may not have thought out which is what makes the threats so difficult.  You must be proactive and try to identify as many factors as possible, but when doing so, especially in trying to go through several categories like market trends, economic trends, funding changes or even government regulations just to name a few and you are bound to not identify every single threat that can be detrimental to the company. Identifying these threats aren’t going to come to you as easily as you would be able to identify a company’s strengths and, in some cases, even their weaknesses.  I personally think that external variables are going the be hardest to investigate with almost anything. 

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