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Select one of the three resources listed below to conduct an organizational assessment. If you cannot evaluate the entire organization, you may elect to start with a department. If you are not working, you may use an organization where you have worked in the past. Of course, you may modify the tools to fit your organizational needs. By the way, if you are in a leadership role or just want to lighten your leader’s load perhaps this is an exercise you will share with your entire group/department/organization as you move toward performance excellence.  Resources to choose from:  1 . (click on the optional self-analysis worksheet)  2. 3. If you select option 2 or 3, and have negative responses to any of the questions please provide recommendations of things you would do to turn them into positive responses.  Please provide a title page, as well as, a detailed description of the organization you are assessing. Be sure to include the name of the organization, the mission, vision, and values, services provided or products offered, key customers, key competitors, and strategic advantages and challenges. Please add any additional information deemed valuable in the description.  Students are expected to look at the organization from a leader’s perspective using the Baldrige criteria as a framework for this activity. Thus, the organization or department will be assessed based on: 1. Leadership 2. Strategic Planning 3. Focus on patients, other customers, and markets 4. Measurement, analysis, and knowledge management 5. Staff focus 6. Process Management  7. Organizational Results

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