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gather 10 total sources to submit in an Annotated Bibliography.   at least 2 will need to be from Wikipedia.     at least 2 will need to come from the TCC library.  (Access the databases through your portal: under Learning Resources, you’ll see the Library nugget on the bottom right corner of the page.)   at least 2 will need to be other websites that are freely available.  That means they don’t require subscription or membership to read their content.  (Anything you’d find through Google, for instance.)   at least 1 will need to be a media source: video, audio, podcast, TV show, YouTube clip, etc.   3 sources are “open”–you can use anything you’d like to fill in the remaining slots.   Each source will be cited using a formal APA citation, just like what would normally appear on a References page.  The sources will be listed in alphabetical order, by first word of the entries.  The only difference, is that after the end of each citation, you’ll include a paragraph of personal explanation and interpretation about the source, roughly 75-125 words long. That paragraph should address at least some of the following points: how you found the source (especially for the non-library sources) why you find this source trustworthy (or not) why you find this source useful for your essay (or not) whether or not you think this source will find its way into your essay draft what specifically from the source you might use (like a particular passage, quote, or statistic) As with any other document, if you quote from the source directly, or from the abstract in the library databases, be sure to put those borrowed words in quotation marks.  Failure to do so is plagiarism.  It’s probably best to paraphrase or summarize in your own words as much as possible, for your assessments of the sources. 

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