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Management 495-Case Analysis  The subject of this analysis is to examine the ethical issues surrounding the treatment of  employees and colleagues in the workplace.  What are the factors that determine the appropriateness of demands made on employees?  The accompanying article “Inside Amazon: Wrestling Big Ideas in a Bruising Workplace”  The New York Times August 17, 2015, presents a case in point. An alternative perspective is presented by Christine  Porath in the following TED Talk:  Please draw on ethical principles discussed in Chapter 9 of the text in your analysis.  Please feel free to consult other sources as well.  This should be accomplished in 4-5 pages (body only). Your page format should follow  that prescribed in the syllabus for the final paper. Guidelines for electronic submission  are also in the syllabus.  The assignment is due at noon on  Sunday, March 10. I. Are there limits to the demands that can be placed on employees?  As long as all required behaviors are legal, should leadership be morally bound to “protect” employee well-being?  2. Professor Porath advocates an organizational culture that is much different from Amazon’s. How would you describe the civility the Professor Porath refers to, in terms of managerial morality?  3. What are the likely organizational outcomes for a company like Amazon?  Is their culture likely to result in superior performance in the long run?  How might their demands lead to negative outcomes for the employees, and the organization as a whole?  You will find the chapter 9 in the attached file.

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