answer post with 75 words and reference  Melissa Jones Today’s job market can be challenging.  I have found that employers really value experience and certifications as specifications to go along with a degree (Today’s Job Market, n.d.).  This can be a challenge for new graduates, and the entry level positions held during schooling and clinical experience is highly regarded in the healthcare industry.  Industry knowledge helps to set aside applicants because individuals who are familiar with the field demonstrate improved intuition and require less on the job training.  In a job search for current roles in today’s market in the my area reinforced this notion.   One search contained a list of ideal characteristics.  These included a Bachelor’s Degree in Business administration or Healthcare Administration along with 3 or more years in healthcare and 2 or more years demonstrating ability to supervise, build and motivate teams (Patient Access Manager, n.d.).  Fortunately, I had the insight to begin in this field in an entry level position during my studies for a clinical licensure.  I have worked in the field for 6 years, with three-year experience as a licensed clinician.  At my current role I have cross trained as a clinical coordinator as well as case management while maintaining a PRN position at another facility type.  Meanwhile, I have coached track and field for 5 years which would play into the leadership and team building aspect of a new role in healthcare administration.  I have an advantage in applying for roles in healthcare administration due to my experience in clinical healthcare as well as roles I have maintained across major healthcare providers in my geographic area.  I will utilize this professional network in applying and providing references in an application process.

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